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Traveling Exhibitions

Traveling Exhibitions


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Sports fans young an old have celebrated with the victors and vicariously agonized with those who came up short. Throughout history, athletes have had a tremendous social impact on the lives of spectators during the period in which they lived. However, with the passage of time, the risk of losing the powerful inspirational influence of certain iconic sports heroes and the lessons they can teach us seems to increase every day.

The Sports Immortals® collection represents the best of the human spirit. It is more than just uniforms, gear, autographs & photos. It exists to ensure that the achievements of our favorite sports heroes will inspire us for generations to come.

Mobile Tour Exterior

Sports Immortals® is now going mobile. The must-see SPORTS IMMORTALS® Traveling Exhibit honors and enshrines the pinnacle of athletic achievement, combining the most priceless artifacts with the most compelling new multimedia technology. It is the most innovative of its kind and appeals to visitors from all over the world.

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