The Sports Immortals Collection is the largest and most diverse assortment of sports memorabilia in the world. It represents the best of the human spirit. It is more than just uniforms, gear, autographs, photos, etc. It exists to ensure that the memories and achievements of the greatest athletes of all time will inspire us for generations to come.


“The most significant and diverse sports collection I have ever witnessed.”

Ken Goldin

President and CEO of Goldin Auctions

“The depth and breadth of the Sports Immortals Collection is second to none, as is Joel Platt’s passion as a collector.”

Rob Rosen

Vice President, Heritage Auctions

“The finest and most comprehensive private collection that I have had the opportunity to tour.”

Chris Ivy

Director of Sports Auctions, Heritage Auctions

“The most outstanding single collection of sports of every type I have been privileged to view.”

Carl H. Scheele

Smithsonian Institute

“The finest collection in the world… bar none.”

Josh Evans

Founder of Lelands Auctions

“The greatest sports collection on earth!”

Tom Ricketts

Chairman, Chicago Cubs

“A Great, Great, Great, Great sports collection.”

Bill Bradley

NBA Hall of Famer

“Your Sports Immortals Museum sounds very interesting and should prove very rewarding. Many adults along with thousands of children will derive hours of pleasure. It is a wonderful thing and I wish you every success.”

Casey Stengel

Baseball Immortal – Baseball Hall of Famer

“Joel Platt who has long dreamed of creating a Sports Immortals Museum has lovingly put together a collection of memorabilia encompassing all sports, and in doing so has preserved for all time objects important to our national heritage. We are deeply indebted to him.”

Marc Pachter

National Portrait Gallery,

Smithsonian Institution

“I have been impressed with Joel Platt’s dedication and determination ever since our first encounter during my rookie season. As Chairman of the Honorary Board, I am proud to be involved with a project that will be entertaining, educational and an inspiration to mankind.”

Franco Harris

Football Hall of Famer

“The Sports Immortals Collection of over one million mementos is indescribable and something you have to see to believe.”

Al Rosen

Cleveland Indians Hall of Famer